Sample Submission

Please send an email to prior to shipping.

Mailing Address

Radiocarbon Laboratory
A.E. Lalonde AMS Facility, University of Ottawa
Advanced Research Complex (ARC), Rm 447
25 Templeton St., Ottawa ON, K1N 6N5
613-562-5800 ext 6864

Shipping Instructions

  • Courier or ship with registered post (tracking number is the key)
  • Please inform us ahead of time if you are shipping hazardous material
  • Classify the material as, "Geologically inert samples for destructive scientific analysis - no commercial value"
  • Dried material is best. Either freeze dried or oven dried (~60°C)
  • Ziploc, Whirlpack, or centrifuge tubes work well
  • Send only the material you want dated
  • If you are going to use tin foil, please do not use non-stick



Price List

The pricing schedule (Canadian non-profit or Other) is assigned based on the billing address listed on the cover sheet of this submission form and the pricing posted on our website at the time of submission. "Canadian Non-profit" is defined as a Canadian academic institution, Canadian Government agency, Regsitered Canadian non-profit organization, or Canadian Indigenous Group. For non-profit users, an invoice is issued upon delivery of the the results, and payment is required within 30 days. For "Other" users (Canadian commercial users, and non-Canadian users), payment is required prior to releasing results. A purchase order is required for submissions over $5,000. For internal users (University of Ottawa users, or Ottawa-Carleton Geoceience Centre members), payment MUST be made from a University of Ottawa FOAP, or (for OCGC members) a cheque or direct deposit from the institution.

A 10% discount will be applied to a single submission of 10 samples or more, or a cumulative project of 10 samples or more where all 10 samples are processed at the same time (same accelerator run, or "wheel"). For fully trained outside users processing samples at the AEL-AMS laboratory, a 20% discount will be applied at the discretion of AEL-AMS staff. For Ottawa-Carleton Geoscience Centre (OCGC) users, the OCGC discounted rate will be applied with no further discounts for quantity.

Minimum sample sizes are intended for well preserved, clean material. If the sample is too small, it will be submitted for direct combustion. We will notify the user if this is the case.

Code Description Sample Size Cost
Min Ideal Canadian
Refined Material
G Graphite (please contact us first) 0.2 mgC 1.0 mgC $120 $170
C CO2 (known pCO2, 15cm x 6mm OD pyrex) 0.2 mgC 1.0 mgC $180 $250
D Direct combustion 5 mg 10 mg $240 $330
Q Swipe (liquid scintillation) consultation required - - $40 $60
Charcoal, wood, peat, organics
A Acid wash only (bulk sediment) 100 mg 500 mg $300 $410
AAA Acid, alkali, acid (most organics) 50 mg 100 mg $300 $410
HA Humic acid extraction 100 mg 500 mg $380 $530
H Humin fraction 100 mg 500 mg $380 $530
HH Humic/humin on same sample 100 mg 500 mg $430 $630
Bone, tooth, antler, ivory
B AAA + collagen extraction 300 mg 2 g $425 $585
BU B + ultrafiltration* 500 mg 2 g $450 $630
CN δ13C, δ15N collagen, GG Hatch Lab - - $15 $20
Shells, carbonates
S Pre-etch with acid prior to digestion 20 mg 50 mg $265 $370
SN No pre-etch (forams, powders) 10 mg 20 mg $265 $370
Particulate organic carbon
POC Particulate organic carbon (on quartz filters) - - $255 $350
Skin, parchment, leather, hide, textiles, other
X Please contact us - - $300 $410
Water (sample size depends on carbon content)
DIC Dissolved inorganic carbon 500 ml 1000 ml $300 $410
DOC Dissolved organic carbon 500 ml 1000 ml $380 $525
DIOC DIC/DOC on same sample 500 ml 1000 ml $600 $835
CX CO2 from gas mixture (requires purification, please contact) - - $210 $290
CH4 CH4 (minimum conccentration required, please contact) - - $300 $410

*Ultrafiltration is used to concentrate longer protein molecules and can be used to remove shorter chain proteins more likely to originate from contaminants.