How do you collect samples for noble gas analysis?

The most common method is the use of field deployable Cu diffusion samplers. These are light weight, small enough to fit down most bore holes, and allow for duplicate sampling in one deployment. Once retrieved, they can simply be crimped off using a set of crimpers we also provide. We sell diffusion samplers, please notify us at least two month before sampling. Clients may also use their own diffusion samplers, provided they meet the necessary specifications (Type-K Soft Copper, 1/4“ to 3/8” OD; crimped length 5-8 cm). Please include and return the middle portion of the samplers with each sample as they are necessary to assess water contamination.

Can you sample high pressure cylinders?

Yes, we have received and sampled high pressure cylinders from clients in the past. Please contact us BEFORE shipping any high pressure cylinders, as the safety requirements, sample prep, and analysis may require special considerations.

Do you accept samples for Radon analysis?

We do not accept samples for Radon analysis via mass spectrometry, as Radon will decay into solid intermediate daughter particles and ultimately lead. We instead offer Radon analysis via liquid scintillation counting (LSC). Please consult with us before shipping samples for Radon analysis.