Radiocarbon Laboratory

Analytical Service Rates 2020-2021

Fee schedule rates are assigned based on the billing address listed on the submission form, and the pricing listed on our website at the time of submission.

Canadian Academic, Non-Profit, and Government Users

Users from Canadian academic institutions, registered non-profit organizations, indigenous groups, and government agencies will be invoiced following the delivery of results.

Commercial, Independent, and International Users

Users from private Canadian companies, users not affiliated with a company or academic institution, and those from abroad are required to remit payment in full prior to release of results. An invoice will be issued upon receipt of the Submission.

Internal Users

Users affiliated with the University of Ottawa or the Ottawa-Carleton Geoscience Centre (OCGC) (including faculty, adjuncts, post-docs, graduate, and undergraduate students) are entitled to internal rates. In order to qualify for internal rates, the Submitter must remit payment from a university-administered fund. Please contact us for internal rates.


A 10% discount will be applied to a single submission of 10 samples or more, or cumulative submissions of 10 samples or more where all 10 samples are processed at the same time (same accelerator run, or "wheel"). For fully trained outside users processing samples at the AEL-AMS laboratory, a 20% discount will be applied at the discretion of AEL-AMS staff. Internal users are not eligible for quantity discounts.

Prices valid through March 31, 2021

CodeDescriptionSample SizePrice per Sample (CAD)
MinimumIdealCanadian Academic, Government, Non-Profit Commerical, Independent, International
Refined material
GGraphite - please contact us0.5 mgC1.0 mgC$125$180
CCO2 - known pCO2, purified, 15cm length x 6mm OD pyrex0.5 mgC1.0 mgC$190$265
DDirect combustion - please contact us5 mg10 mg$250$345
QSwipe test - analyzed by liquid scintillation, please contact us--$40$60
Charcoal, wood, peat, organics
AAcid wash only - bulk sediment100 mg500 mg$315$430
AAAAcid, Alkali, Acid - wood, charcoal, most organics50 mg110 mg$315$430
α-CAlpha-cellulose extraction - -$400$555
HcFHumic acid extraction100 mg500 mg$400$555
HnFHumin fraction100 mg500 mg$400$555
Bone, tooth, antler, ivory
BAAA, collagen extraction300 mg2 g$445$615
BUAAA, collagen extraction, ultrafiltration500 mg2 g$475$660
SBCalcined bone 1 g 2 g$320$455
Shells, carbonates
SPre-etch and digestion20 mg50 mg$280$390
SNNo pre-etch - recommended for small samples (i.e.. forams)10 mg20 mg$280$390
Particulate organic carbon
POCParticulate organic carbon (on quartz filters) - -$270$370
Skin, parchment, leather, hide, textiles, other
XTypically AAA - please contact us - -$315$430
Water (0.45μm pre-filtered)
DICDissolved inorganic carbon - fresh and saline500 ml1000 ml$315$430
DOCDissolved organic carbon - freshwater only500 ml1000 ml$400$555
DIC+DIC in low concentration samples (<1mg/L) - fresh and saline1000 mL2000 mL$420$565
DOC+DOC in low concentration samples (<1mg/L) - freshwater only1000 ml2000 mL$525$725
CXCO2 from gas mixture - requires purfication please contact us--$220$315
CH4CH4 from gas mixture - minimum concentration required please contact us--$315$430