Analytical Service Rates 2022

The fee schedule rates are assigned based on the billing address listed on the submission form, and the pricing listed on our website at the time of submission.

Canadian Academic, Non-Profit, and Government Users

Users from Canadian academic institutions, registered non-profit organizations, indigenous groups, and government agencies will be invoiced following the delivery of results.

Commercial, Independent, and International Users

Users from private Canadian companies, users not affiliated with a company or academic institution, and those from abroad are required to remit payment in full prior to release of results. An invoice will be issued upon receipt of the Submission.

Internal Users

Users affiliated with the University of Ottawa or the Ottawa-Carleton Geoscience Centre (OCGC) (including faculty, adjuncts, post-docs, graduate, and undergraduate students) are entitled to internal rates. In order to qualify for internal rates, the Submitter must remit payment from a university-administered fund. Please contact us for internal rates.

Prices valid through December 31, 2022

CodeDecriptionSample SizePrice per Sample (CAD)
MinIdealCanadian Academic, Government, Non-Profit Commerical, Independent, International
Liquid Samples
LTTritium Direct Analysis10 ml30 ml$40$55
LT-PWith Pre-Treatment (colour,conductivity > 5000 us/cm) - -$75$105
LETritium-Enriched by Electrolysis260 ml600 ml$130$185
LE-PWith Pre-Treatment (colour,conductivity > 5000 us/cm) - -$235$330
ULETritium-Ultra Low Level Enriched by Electrolysis2000 ml2500 ml$380$525
ULE-PWith Pre-Treatment (colour,conductivity > 5000 us/cm) - -$605$840
GABGross alpha / beta counting10 ml40 ml$45$65
Solid Samples
FWTFree Water Tritium (FWT) by Vacuum Distillationplease contact us$160$230
Organically Bound Tritium (OBT)
  Dry Weight 
OPParr Bomb Combustion10 g20 g$220$315
OFTube Furnace Combustion10 g20 g$330$475
OIAnalysis by Helium-3 Ingrowth1 g5 g$330$475