décembre 1, 2018

Radiocarbon Sampling in Old Crow, Yukon

After five months of graduate school, master’s student Lindsay Reynolds had already become an accomplished postgraduate researcher. Not long after deciding to leave her Alberta home […]
mars 28, 2018

Ice age throwback: 13,000-year-old footprints found off Canadian coast

Searching the shoreline sediment of British Columbia’s Calvert Island, researchers uncovered 29 footprints that are 13,000 years old…
février 16, 2018

Radiocarbon dating solves 48-year-old museum mystery in Peterborough

Larry Reeve was fishing Pigeon Lake on May 24, 1970, when he made a discovery that would remain a partial mystery for almost 50 years…
février 13, 2018

Incredible’ 900-year-old copper arrowhead discovered on Canadian mountain

A rare copper arrowhead discovered on a remote Canadian mountain is almost 900 years old, archaeologists have confirmed…
décembre 15, 2017

Anne-Martine Doucet, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

With a passion for Earth and environmental sciences, Anne-Martine wears more than one hat, as a student in the CO-OP program and as the captain of […]
décembre 5, 2017

A Visit from Bill Morneau and Dr. Mona Nemer

Our government reinstated the Chief Science Advisor because we understand the value of evidence-based decision making. Yesterday, I was delighted to meet with @ChiefSciCan and @KirstyDuncanMP […]
novembre 29, 2017

Underwater faunal assemblages: radiocarbon dates and late Quaternary vertebrates from Cold Lake, Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada

Late Quaternary faunal remains from three underwater settings in Cold Lake, Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada, include at least 13 vertebrate taxa…
novembre 21, 2017

A scientific CTV Morning Live for Sarah Freemark as she checks out the Andre E. Lalonde Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Lab at uOttawa.