DISCLAIMER: The AEL AMS Laboratory is a LOW-BACKGROUND laboratory, FREE OF ENRICHED MATERIAL OF ANY KIND (14C, Tritium). As a submitter, you warrant that your samples are free of any enriched material. If enriched material from the samples (or the packaging in which they are shipped) results in contamination of equipment or instrumentation requiring decontamination or replacement, significant charges will be incurred.

Sample Submission Form

To submit samples for actinide and fission product analysis, please email your completed submission form to balvesfr@uottawa.ca prior to shipping your samples.

Submission Form (Excel):

Submission Form (PDF):

Please review our Terms of Service:
Terms of Service AEL AMS Lab

Please include a printed copy of the submission form with your shipment.

Shipping Instructions

  1. Courier or ship samples with registered post (please indicate the tracking number in your correspondence).
  2. Please inform us prior to shipping if you are sending hazardous material or refrigerated samples.
  3. Classify material as "Geologically inert samples for destructive scientific analysis - no commercial value".
  4. Send only the material you would like analysed.
  5. Customs charges are the responsibility of the submitter; they will be added to your invoice.
  6. For biota such as non dried organic samples (ex. Fresh fish), place in a cooler with plenty of ice.
  7. Ores or Radioactive Material:
  • Place the sample in a metal container. If the radiation level is below background, proceed with shipment to the address below.
  • If the radiation level is above background, DO NOT SHIP THE SAMPLE TO THE ADDRESS BELOW. Please contact balvesfr@uottawa.ca for more details.

Mailing Address

Actinides and Fission Product Laboratory
AEL-AMS Lab, University of Ottawa
Advanced Research Complex (ARC)
25 Templeton Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 6N5, Canada
613-562-5800 ext. 6830

Turnaround Time

Current estimated turnaround time: 12-24 weeks (Upon sample receipt)
Updated: 2022-08-25

Estimated turnaround time is based on the date samples are received in the lab. Actual times may vary. Please inform us of any project deadlines, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

*For researchers with end of fiscal reporting deadlines (March 31), please ship your samples to the lab by the end of December.