The United Way of Greater Victoria

The Heal Lake Property

The radiocarbon lab at the AEL AMS Facility recently donated 3 dates in support of the United Way of Greater Victoria. Pacific Forestry Centre were in the possession of a series of logs that were pulled from a purposely drained lake more than 20 years ago to create a landfill. In the 1990’s, a number of students did their graduate work on the logs, creating tree-ring chronologies. Since then, the logs were placed outside the property and have slowly deteriorated, and in the process, lost their labels.

According to the tree-ring chronologies, the logs span the Holocene, with the floating tree ring chronology extending back ca. 9500 years. Instead of having the logs simply continue to degrade, a decision was made to have some of them milled into boards by local students, with the boards auctioned to raise money for the United Way Charity. The United Way of Greater Victoria support many worthwhile local groups aimed at reducing the effects of poverty, building strong communities and helping children. Last year, following the auction, two of the winners sent samples to AE LaLonde for 14C dating, with age results of 500 and 5000 years. The three samples that were submitted this year ranged from 1900 to over 3500 years.